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The OmiCronFX philosphy is based on trend following in the Foreign Exchange trading markets.


We carry out copious amounts of Fundamental and Technical Analysis. We have developed algorithmic routines that assist in trend finding and in the initiation and management of trades.


 We never lose sight of the basic need for risk control and money management in trading.


Our automated quantititive analysis of historical and present-moment price action is continuous.

Seamus McKenna MBA uses the OmiCronFX algorithmic routines and the principles of Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis, risk control, profit retention and deep research that make up the OmiCronFX system to trade Foreign Exchange in an effective, disciplined and above all profitable manner.



About the author: Seamus McKenna MBA is the founder of OmiCronFX, a dedicated resource for Foreign Exchange traders everywhere.

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How the Silver Trigger uses leverage


The ancient Greek mathematician, Archimedes, is famously quoted as saying that if he were given a lever that was large enough, he could move the Earth. So leverage is powerful. Foreign Exchange and other brokers use the principle to allow their clients to trade with amounts that are many times the value of what they have available in their accounts.

A lesson in trend change 


Trends go up and trends go down. Sometimes they go nowhere, which is to say that the price becomes range-bound. The techniques for trading ranges are fundamentally different from those for trading trends, but it is trends we are concerned with here.

Costs are not losses 


For this writer, two most interesting authors at present are Daniel Kahneman (Thinking, Fast and Slow) and Nassim Nicholas Taleb (Fooled by Randomness, The Black Swan), both of whom deal with psychology, and the psychology of trading in particular.

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