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The very best way to evaluate the algorithmic Forex trading strategies is to apply for a small live managed trading account. In this way you can get a feel for how it works. You can do this without the need to delve into its operation to a great depth. Please bear in mind the old and very valid disclaimer: "Past performance is no guarantee of future performance".

Live cash account algorithmic Forex trading July 21st to Nov 10th 2017

Gearing is the amount of leverage used, expressed as a multiple of equity. Gearing of one would represent no leverage at all, while gearing of 10 means that we are borrowing from our broker so that are able to take on positions to an aggregate value of 10 times the amount of equity in the account.

High gearing means high risk. Our broker allows gearing of 100 times equity during the week (but actually assuming that level of risk would be highly irresponsible. We would never do that), and 30 times equity on positions that are held over the weekend.

The highest level of gearing that occured as shown in the chart above was 4.76 times equity, at week ending November 3rd. 2017. On the day of the report, gearing stood at 4.2. It is a feature of our algorithm to create hedges against open positions under certain circumstances as trading progresses. Gearing is automatically lowered during this process, which controls risk. It also allows us to take advantage of retraces in the exchange rate.

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The Omicron Forex Trading Manual
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